July 28th, 2014: Out and about in New York City

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STOP TRYING TO APPROPRIATE OTHER PEOPLE’S CULTURES AND STRUGGLES FOR YOUR OWN SELFISH GAIN. That is not a costume, nor is it “edgy.” You’re trying to dress like a cartoon version of an Asian person to make a “statement” because you want attention. What, there aren’t enough white fashions out there for you to enjoy? Asshole


Conversations with Father (about men & dating)

  • Me: I just watched a show about how successful (i.e. college educated) black women are not getting married.
  • Him: Why is that a show? What's the problem? A black woman is better off by herself than with a black man that will bring her down. There's no point in getting married unless it's about mutual love and respect.
  • Me: Well a lot of the black men on the show said that the reason black women are single is because they expect too much.
  • Him: Psh. Black women do not expect too much! What is a black woman supposed to do? She is educated. She has her life in order. And she is supposed to get with any old man because he didn't get his life together but still feels he is entitled to any woman he wants?
  • Me: Well they said that you have to look at a man's potential.
  • Him: That's what they want you to think so that you don't require anything in actuality from them. You look at who a man is. Not who he says he will be.
  • Me: The show also talked about why a lot of men cheat. They said it's because women were not keeping them happy or not sexually doing what they want.
  • Him: That's ridiculous. There's no reason for anybody to cheat. If a man is grounded then he will love his partner enough not to cheat.
  • Me: They also said that you need to make a man feel like a man.
  • Him: If I am a man then why would I need a woman to make me feel like a man?
  • Me: I don't know.
  • Him: A real man does not need a woman to make him feel like a man. He is a man, isn't he? Men who say that have an inferiority complex.
  • Me: Well they were saying that they need to feel like they wear the pants in the relationship.
  • Him: Look. A man does not feel threatened by anyone unless he does not have his own life together. And in that case he will be threatened whether a woman lays down and lets him walk all over him or if she makes more money or anything else.



a quick comic on accountability. sometimes it is important to disassociate yourself from patriotism and realise when you are contributing to the suffering of others. 

the names of the martyrs listed in panels 23, 24 and 25 are as follows:

[panel 24]
1. Mohammed Shaaban, 24
2. Ahmed Shaaban, 30
[panel 23]
24. Abdel Hadi Jamaat al-Sufi, 24
25. Naifeh Farjallah, 80.
26. Abdel Nasser Abu Kweek, 60
27. Khaled Abu Kweek, 31
28. Mohammed Areef, 13
28. Amir Areef, 10
30. Mohammed Malakiyeh, 18 months old
31. Hana Malakiyeh, 27
32. Hatem Abu Salem, 28
33. Mohammed Khaled al-Nimri, 22
34. Sahar Hamdan, 40
35. Ibrahim Masri, 14
36. Mahmoud Nahid al-Nawasra
37. Mohammed Khalaf al-Nawasra, 4
38. Nidal Khalaf al-Nawasra al-Meghazi, 5
39. Salah Awwad al-Nawasra al-Meghazi, 6
40. Aisha Nijm al-Meghazi, 20
41. Amal Youssef Abdel Ghafour, 27
42. Ranim Jawde Abdel Ghafour, an 18-month-old girl
43. Rashid al-Kafarneh, 30
44. Ibrahim Daoud al-Balawi, 24
45. Abdel Rahman Jamal al-Zamli, 22
46. Ibrahim Ahmad Abideen, 42
47. Mustafa Abu Mar, 20
48. Khalid Abu Mar, 23
49. Mazen Farj al-Jarbah, 30
50. Marwan Slim, 27
51. Hani Saleh Hamad, 57
76. Omar al-Fyumi, 30
77. Abdullah Ramadan Abu Ghazzal, 5
78. Ismail Hassan Abu Jamah, 19
79. Hassan Awda Abu Jamah, 75
80. Mohammed Ahsan Ferwanah, 27
81. Yasmin Mohammed Mutawwaq, 4 
82. Mahmoud Wulud, 26
83. Hazem Balousha, 30
84. Nour Rafik Adi al-Sultan, 27
85. Ahmad Zaher Hamdan, 24
86. Mohammed Kamal al-Kahlout, 25
87. Sami Adnan Shaldan, 25.
88. Jamah Atieh Shalouf, 25
89. Bassem Abdel Rahman Khattab, 6
90. Abdullah Mustafa Abu Mahrouk, 22
91. Anas Rizk Abu al-Kas, 33
92. Nour Marwan al-Najdi, 10
93. Mohammed Mounir Ashour, 25
94. Ghalia Deeb Jabr al-Ghanam, 7
95. Wasim Abd al-Rizk Hassan al-Ghanam, 23
96. Ra’ed Hani Abu Hani, 31
97. Shahraman Ismail Abu al-Kas, 42
98. Mazen Mustafa Aslan, 63

[panel 25]

998. unknown
999. unknown 
1000. unknown

(at the time of writing this comic, the list of victims was at 1000. it has now surpassed that number. the full list is here).

no politics, just regular human stuff. 

yeah so here’s a thing 



I have big, thick, long, crazy, curly Middle Eastern hair. My local mall has a kiosk that sells hairstyling tools. One time as I walked by it and ignored the squawking sales girl with the flat-iron in her hand, she got pissed that I was ignoring her and she reached out and fucking grabbed a fistful of my hair and started straightening it without my consent.

There are so many things wrong with this. Not only is it wrong to reach out and just put your hands on random people, but pulling their hair? What if I had really brittle hair that would’ve broken off or been badly damaged by that tool? What if I had just gotten it chemically processed, in which case heat-styling is a big no-no? Or what if I just wanted to wear my hair curly that day and you decided to ruin my style just so that you could make a commission? 

Ever since then I have avoided those kiosks like the plague. I will go the long way around just to bypass them, pull up a hood or a scarf to cover my hair if I have to walk by one, whatever I have to do.

Yesterday I was at that same mall and as I was coming down the escalator from the food court, I saw one of those kiosks stationed right at the bottom of the fucking escalator. There was no escape. I thought that maybe if I scuttled really fast in the opposite direction, I could avoid it.

The guy manning the kiosk saw me coming down the escalator like a helpless fly into his heat-powered spider web. He made eye contact with me and smiled really big — not in a flirtatious way, but in an “I’m about to get this curly bitch’s money” way. I looked away and pretended I hadn’t seen him. Quickly I grabbed my hair clip and threw my hair up into a bun, but it was too late. He had already seen me. Then I took out my cell phone and pretended I was talking to someone. The guy was clearly onto my game, and looked at me as if we were in a competition over my hair.

He walked out onto the floor and stood at the bottom of the escalator WAITING for me to get off. It actually really scared me — this is creepy behavior in general. 

Finally I stepped off the escalator. I was prepared for battle and had all of my armor: hair up, sunglasses down, phone to my ear. He looked right at my face and said loudly, “EXCUSE ME.”

I pushed right past him and walked away as fast as I could in the opposite direction. He followed me for a couple of steps, cawing, “EXCUSE ME, MISS, EXCUSE ME.” I just kept walking. You are not excused.

Don’t fucking touch my hair, asshole. And don’t stand at the bottom of the escalator to block me off and try to force me into talking to you. For money or any other reason. I’m not a doll you can put on display to show the other shoppers how well your fucking straightening iron works (I already have a straightening iron — seriously, you think someone with hair like mine does not own a straightening iron already? GTFO) and I will not give my hard-earned, rapidly depleting money to someone who treats me like that. If I want to shop for a fucking straightening iron, I will independently choose to visit your kiosk. Now back the fuck up. 



You can tell a girl she’s smart her whole life, encourage her in school, buy her a chemistry set, send her to math camp, help her apply for college scholarships in STEM fields, and she’s still eventually going to walk into a classroom, a lab, or a job interview and have some man dismiss her existence, deny her funding, pass her over for a promotion, or take credit for her work. How about you work on getting those assholes out of power and quit telling me not to call girls pretty.