Whereas I agree with the substance of Will Self’s rant—against commodification—I do think that typical of the generation ahead of me, who are now bemoaning life in their 50s, he gets so much wrong about technology and culture.

I fully support Self’s desire to lash out against talentless hipsters but am quite capable of not turning a worthy complaint into a patronizing and pointlessly ageist argument. The “I blame my generation for shitty youth culture” is quite a traditionalist rhetoric. What curmudgeon hasn’t willingly taken the blame for youth culture. Self even uses the “I did drugs, too” appeal.

He’s too intelligent to not understand he’s wrong here:

By providing even the most woefully untalented with an outlet for their “creativity”, the web has massively enlarged the numbers who style themselves as “artistic”, as well as increased the duration of their futile aspiration. In the kidult dickhead milieu, it’s now quite possible to encounter fortysomethings with weird facial hair, wearing shorts and still resolutely believing that their career is about to take off.

Sure, there’s a lot of junk on the internet. So what? That doesn’t say anything about culture. The paragraph does say something about Self wallowing in middle age and does instruct readers about his strained, conservative definitions for maturity, childhood, and growing up. I see Self doing exactly what many of my colleagues, fellow writers, do when they address the book while shitting on DIY culture. I think he’s being a little too tongue-in-cheek for any valuable irony to be wrung from his complaint that seems to have begun with a shitty breakfast at a hip Los Angeles cafe. I get it.

What we need is a critique of professionalism, of work. We all know hipsters suck. Self stretches a trite contempt for hipsters like a tarp over a rather poor excuse for professionalism, which is, by the way, one of the resources for commodity culture he despises.


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